About the Artiste!

I've been combining my illustration career with the new direction of 3 dimensional pottery design for about 6 years. My work for magazines, books and advertising has always had a humorous bent and it continues in clay. I took on the challenge of the pottery wheel and now create vases, bowls, mugs and jars and make them unique with images from nature and great comics of the past.

I love combining lively characters with the clean symmetry of wheel thrown pottery. Cats, dogs, apes and monkeys led the way. And the iconic images of Tintin, Felix the Cat, Olive Oyl and others were just calling to be immortalized in clay.

I love re-creating these favorites as 3-D images, and I hope you'll enjoy these classic cartoons along with my personal inventions.

Since each piece is handmade, each is unique and one of a kind and intended as decorative conversation pieces. But all are made of fired and glazed stoneware or porcelain so are food-safe and washable except where noted.

Please visit the 2 sites below and Instagram to see more of my work. Thanks!

More about my work

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